Terrific Scientific Busters: The new normal for STEM Tuition

Terrific Scientific Busters: The new normal for STEM Tuition 

COVID19 didn’t only expose the educational system we have today, it also showed that we can conform to new ways of educating our children from the comfort of our homes through online tuition,  home-made experiments  among other things.  

The major question would be how to do it right and effectively in the middle of this COVID19 era. That is where Terrific Scientific Busters (TSB) come in.  

This STEM based entertainment company delivers top notch professional and fun based science activities that imbibe and help your children develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills and practical learning whiles having an enjoyable time. 

Yes as unpopular as it sounds, science can actually  be fun and interactive without coming off as a complex geeky thing. TSB offer a range of tailored services based on your child’s needs.  

Below are their primary services; 

1. Science Parties (party entertainment) 

Science parties can be one of the best ways to learn while having fun! The same birthday parties that sometimes are quite boring and routine can be spiced up with a science party that will be the talk of the playground for days! TSB promise  nothing else but an unforgettable and unique experience for all children.   

TSB science parties are catered for children  between the ages of 4-12 years, through education wrapped in entertainment. TSB travel  to your location with all their experiments and equipment to captivate your children with breath-taking fun science for over an hour.  During COVID’s peek the science parties were put on a break to reduce contact however, as schools have reopened and new procedures have been put in place TSB have   reintroduced the science parties into people homes however,  ensuring that all necessary guidelines and  measures are followed.   

2. After School Science Clubs/ Virtual Session   

Most school’s have a science club but the TSB team isn’t coming with the same old “boring” STEM curriculum and activities. With their vibrant team, your children would have the opportunity to actively explore science through hands-on experiments, projects as well as engage in problem solving, team work and enquiry based discussion. Their science clubs are highly stimulating, focusing specifically on multi-sensory learning and include dazzling demonstrations children and even adults can enjoy! With the COVID19 era at the focus of all services offered by TSB, the typical after school clubs at school venues will resume but whist following strict COVID19 protocols. In addition to  this, TSB have developed  online/virtual science classes (called TSB Virtual Lab)  that will be open to the public for registration. TSB Virtual Lab exhibits the same fun hands on learning and enjoyable STEAM projects  and experiments but only online. 

Click here for the Virtual Lab Flyer.

Interested persons can get the registration form here.

TSB provide all participants  science kits containing all the materials necessary to take part in the project’s during the live learning session.   

3. Holiday Camps  

TSB hold science camps during school vacations, the most recent camp was a Christmas camp in December 2020 which were located at two venues, Mint Fitness Club (Airport Residential) and deFun Maison (East Legon). The popular Christmas Camp, which was known as ‘Santa’s Lab’ STEM Christmas Camp not only kept children away from  evasive screen time common during the holiday periods, but left children feeling more excited about science and STEM more than ever. The children made projects including their own battery powered Christmas cards, snow and catapults plus much more.


4. Home tuition  

Is home tuition something that you would be interested in? The TSB team are considering home tuition options. If this is something that would interest you, contact TSB! but for now as mentioned above, TSB are offering hands on virtual classes for children between the ages 5-12 years. 

Has your child experienced a science party before? If not, why not try a science themed party for  child’s next birthday? Its education wrapped in entertainment making science fun and unforgettable! For more information on Terrific Scientific Busters, please visit their website on www.terrificscientificbusters.com  or call/e-mail them on 0207989369/[email protected].