Terrific Scientific Busters: The new 4 normal for STEM Tuition

Terrific Scientific Busters: The new normal for STEM Tuition

The new normal for STEM Tuition. COVID19 didn’t only expose the educational system we have today, it also showed that we can conform to new ways of educating our children from the comfort of our homes through digital tuition,  home-made experiments  among other things. The major question would be how to do it right and…

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Ghana: How to make your kids find science interesting and fun

vanessa mensah

1. Science parties  Who doesn’t love parties of any kind right? Science parties make kids laugh whiles the entertainer demonstrates fun experiments and explores the science behind  popular “magic tricks” as well as entertaining experiments. 2. Outdoor (experience nature) Experiencing the outdoors can be a revealing experience for your kids due to the fact that technology and indoor culture has taken over…

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