Ghana: How to make your kids find science interesting and fun

1. Science parties 

Who doesn’t love parties of any kind right? Science parties make kids laugh whiles the entertainer demonstrates fun experiments and explores the science behind  popular “magic tricks” as well as entertaining experiments.

2. Outdoor (experience nature)

Experiencing the outdoors can be a revealing experience for your kids due to the fact that technology and indoor culture has taken over their space making them have a lot more screen time. Going out to experience nature at the park, waterfall and the like is the go-to to overwhelm them with interesting species of animals and flowers, and watch a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

3. Games 

Every kid loves superheroes, subway surfers, ben10, barbie and Star Wars! All these ‘screen time’ can be converted to educational material and learning points subconsciously like how lasers are formed and how the skateboard system works.

4. Movies 

Movies are the best! Whether your child is fascinated with nature, the solar system, or the animal kingdom, you’ll have many movie options to choose from to depict that. Choose at will and watch the movie freak go crazy about how the frog changed colour or about how Nimo managed to swim that distance.

5. Food 

Humans love food. What are your children’s favorite food? Well.. that’s a science experiment in itself! A whole science marathon!

There are various experiments you can conduct with them to blow their minds right there in the kitchen whiles their favorite food is being prepared.

Note: The idea is not to have all these activities with your kids. You still have to research on what your kid has interest in the most and take advantage of it to provoke an interest in science since every single activity at home is a science experiment in motion.

What activities do your children find most interesting and how do you plan to provoke their interest in science using that as a focal point? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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  1. Chi on 3rd December 2020 at 10:27 am

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